Introducing Light Notes Limited Edition Canvas Print
Edition of only 375 of these signed and numbered prints by Darryl Daniels.
Edition of only 450 of these signed and numbered prints. Pre-sale ends March 31st.
Light Notes Limited Edition Canvas Print
Presale Ends March 31st.


Darryl Daniels Artworks is the exclusive and official site offering limited edition signed and numbered canvas reproductions of TheJazzMen paintings by artist Darryl Daniels. For the first time, limited edition signed and numbered works from the series, which has been featured on numerous album covers, print ads, commercials, television, film, and on walls around the world, are now available exclusively from Darryl Daniels Artworks.

Current Release | LIGHT NOTES

We are pleased to announce the release of its first limited edition canvas print of  Darryl Daniels’ Light Notes painting. Light Notes was the fourth painting Daniels painted in TheJazzMen series.

Daniels says of the painting “Light Notes is a really special work to me because it represents an early period of the series where I was experimenting with ideas in the series. It was the first work to take a present the players in more angular and abstract shapes, so there was a bit of risk to it, but based on the response to it, what I was attempting to do there found an audience.

The interest in the work is part of what prompted the artist’s decision to make it the first release of this reproduction. “I’ve received inquires about the availability of many of my earlier works, says Daniels, but Light Notes is among those for which I’ve received the most correspondence, so I knew that it would be among first reproductions I would slate for release when the time came. I’m truly pleased that it’s now possible to make it available to that audience in this way.”

The Perfect Addition to Your Wall.


This limited offer is released in one-time edition of just 375 prints. Each work is produced from its own print file, each is uniquely and individually signed and numbered by the artist. No other signed canvas edition of this work will be offered.

A certificate of authenticity is issued for each piece.  Only 375 canvas prints reproduction will be sold in this edition.


The First Release of The Series. Be One of The First and Few.

The first of future of releases from Darryl Daniels Artworks of official limited edition digitally signed and numbered canvas reproductions of original Darryl Daniels paintings.

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